And they’d live Happily Ever After….

Long ago, afcheryl-Rich-Pixieter struggling to raise three young daughters single-handedly, I had all but given up on the idea of “prince charming” really existing.  In fact, had you asked me back then, I’d of told you that all men were likely “frogs” and regardless of how many times you kissed them, odds were they’d stay “frogs”.   Fast forward a decade… ok, let’s make that nearly two decades or 19 years to be exact when I was about to walk down the aisle with my new “prince charming” of nearly three years.  Yes, the girls had all but grown up and departed when I got the brilliant idea that just maybe a “storybook ending” with a handsome prince charming, albeit an older one with white hair, was still possible.  Imagine my soon to be husband’s surprise when I dragged him to a character artist at Disneyland to sketch us as a princess kissing a frog with a crooked crown perched upon his head.   His confusion didn’t last long once the wedding invitations arrived and he read in bold text, “Cheryl Has Finally Found Her Prince”.  I know what you’re thinking….How sweet is that!   This year will be ten years since that “frog” became my real “prince charming” and while he’s not always amused to be the subject of my humor, he just takes it in stride.  In fact, if you were to ask him what the secret to a happy marriage is… he’d likely smile and say, “Suffer in silence”.   The moral of my story you ask… sometimes that frog is really just in disguise as “Prince Charming” and when you finally do find him, I know just the place for you to have that “storybook” wedding.

Footnote:  The logo for our company, “Once Upon a Fairy Tale” is from our actual wedding invitation, circa September 2, 2006
Once Upon a Fairy Tale Invitations